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A movie by movie review of the Skywalker saga by a group of Nerdy (Jedi) Knights

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The Jedi Knights

Anders Drew

Just a simple man, trying to make his way in the universe. Like so many of us I’ve grown up with Star Wars being a mainstay in my life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to explore more of the franchise’s expanded content, from television shows to web series and the many novels. In addition to Star Wars, I'm also a big fan of Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter the CW's Arrowverse and several other properties.

Just like my favorite space pirate, Hondo Onaka, I am involved in many projects. In addition to YASWP I contribute on the Bohemian Geek Studies Podcast, work as a Software Business Analyst and, depending on the season, can be found playing soccer and/or kickball. Most often though, if the sun’s out you will find me on a beach or wishing I was on a beach with a Star Wars book.
While it gets a bad rep, I’ve always thought Star Wars fandom has a place for everyone and I’m so excited to explore this galaxy with my cohosts and anyone willing to listen to us nerd out.

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