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A deep dive into the influences and connections of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

featuring Michael Field & Pat Whalen

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The Nerds
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I'll be honest. I've never read a comic book. I mean, I've flipped through them. I know what the stories are about...sometimes. But the fact is that I don't need to know comics in order to still appreciate the good, bad and the ugly of the MCU phenomena.

But that's also my favorite part of the YAMP podcast. I get to learn and ask questions of Pat, my partner in crime, about everything comic book. And I hate to admit it, but I kind of like learning things. No, I'm not a nerd. Despite what my kids may say.

I've been creating my own content for 20-plus years, working in all forms of the production process to produce short films, web series, features and even podcasts. I've also written and published two books set in the Adam Parker Mysteries series as well as a copendium short story collection, Welcome to Brookville.

So if you're not a comic book guy, don't worry you're not alone. Let's learn some things about the MCU that we never knew before. Together, we can do anything!

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You won’t like Pat when he’s angry...about poorly done comic book adaptations. Wait a minute, we want you to like him.


In his secret identity, Patrick Whalen is an insurance underwriter, analyzing various companies’ risk profiles. But when his friend and co-host, Mike, needs him, he’s ready and willing to help navigate the paneled world of comic books. 


A lifelong comic fan, Pat easily recalls his first issue - Nightwing #20 - bought at a General Store in Cape Cod. Since then he has dove headfirst into the world of comics, collecting DC, Marvel, Image, and more! He’s ready to share his insight with Mike and you.


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