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A Blerd from birth, Chamar is just a kid from Brooklyn who has always loved epic tales, art, and animation. Given that superheroes and cartoons have all three, he dived into this colorful world. 


So when he had an opportunity to spend some time with his oldest friend Andrew, and continue their decades-long discussions on DC animated content, how could he say no?

When he’s not watching an animated series, rereading Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, telling the world to beware his power of philanthropic social responsibility education, or helping out his friends at Kinfolklore.com, he’s talking with Andrew, dropping that comic book knowledge for you to hear.

Andrew knew he was a nerd and a writer at the tender age of 6 when he starting writing heavily unauthorized sequels to Goosebumps books during commercial breaks for Static Shock.


He also would spend full lunch periods trying to create and draft outlines for new superhero series with friends. When one of those childhood friends, Chamar, asked Andrew if he'd be interested in talking about animated DC films, the only question he had was "Do we start right now?"


So when Andrew isn't writing pop culture articles for WatchMojo, news and editorials for Tor.com, or avoiding cease and desist letters from a certain children horror writer's estate, you can find him using the full power of his Journalism minor to talk honestly and critically about DC animated films while throwing in a few jokes for good measure.

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