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Five new episodes from Forgotten Cinema, featuring all classic Hollywood films available at

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Season Two

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My Favorite Brunette

Bob Hope hopes to be a private detective, only he's really bad at it..or is he?

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Everyman, Gary Cooper - the strong, silent type, pretends to be someone he's not, but turns out he's exactly what everyone needs.

Meet John Doe

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The sequel to the original Father of the Bride where we find Spencer Tracy struggling, per the norm

Father's Little Dividend

Season Two.png

Fred Astaire in a loosely based story about his life and features him dancing on the ceiling!

Royal Wedding

Season One.png

Cary Grant gets serious in this tale of marriage, family and redemption.

Penny Serenade

Season Two.png

We talk about 3 films in this episode. Blood on the Sun, The Last I Saw Paris and Three Came Home

Memorial Day Collection

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