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Scenes From The Movies

Season Three

We return to the everyone's favorite movie theater where even the new employees are just as bad as the old ones.



Episode 3.1

Update Your Google

A customer has a problem with the movie show times online.

Starring Greg Barone, Emily Santasiero & Caitlin Peterson


Episode 3.2

Wonder Woman

Jack doesn't like the movie Wonder Woman

Starring Michael Butler, Greg Barone & Aislinn Otero


Starring Michael Butler, Emily Santasiero, Shaun Mitchell & Patrick Whalen

Jack and Sheila have fun with a customer.

Mixed Message

Episode 3.3


Episode 3.4

Snap Douche

Jack looks for the perfect photo for his Snapchat.

Starring Greg Barone, Emily Santasiero & Michael Butler


Starring Greg Barone & Tiffany Ferris

A mother wants a refund after her daughter was kicked out of the theater.

No Money Back

Episode 3.5


Starring Shaun Mitchell, Aislinn Otero & Emily Santasiero

Garrett shows off his dance moves.


Episode 3.6


Starring Shaun Mitchell, Michael Butler, Emily Santasiero, Renato Ghio & Aaron Miller

Garrett makes the classic mistake of assuming a customer's movie preference.

Mistaken Movie Choice

Episode 3.7


Starring Michael Butler & Art Shaffer

Jack deals with a customer who doesn't know when movies were released.

Time Warp

Episode 3.8


Starring Greg Barone & Michael Butler

Jack learns he's a creep.

Jack's Porn Fantasy

Episode 3.9


Starring Aislinn Otero, Shaun Mitchell & Ethan Clark

Eve discovers the secret joy of kicking out teenagers.

Best Part of the Job

Episode 3.10

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