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Scenes From The Movies

Season One

Welcome to the movie theater, where the customers are a bit off, the employees are bad and the movies....really don't matter.



Episode 1.1

Harry Potter and the Crowded Theater

Opening night is busy at the theater and these patrons just don't get it.

Starring David Ian Lee, Dana Discala & Michael Hotkowski


Episode 1.2

Jack and Jill Tweet

Jack discusses his hatred for everything social media.

Starring Michael Butler & Alicia Dupuis


Starring David Ian Lee & Vanessa David

A mother is disgusted when her son isn't allowed to see an R-rated movie.

Accompanied Minors

Episode 1.3


Episode 1.4

Ages 3-11

A customer pretends she doesn't know the age of her child

Starring Greg Barone, Cami Shore & Jillian Hall


Starring David Ian Lee & Greg Barone

The toughest decision in a workplace. Choosing where to eat.

Dinner Order

Episode 1.5


Starring David Ian Lee & Shaun Mitchell

An employee begs for hours, but can't work on weekends.

Need Hours

Episode 1.6


Starring Greg Barone, Chris D & Patrick Whalen

A customer asks for a movie suggestion, then blames John for suggesting the movie.

Bad Review

Episode 1.7


Starring Greg Barone, Michael Field & Veronica Field

When the kids movie isn't available for a mother, she decides the Rate R horror movie is just as good.

Kids Movie

Episode 1.8


Starring Alicia Dupuis, Greg Barone & Michael Butler

Jill loves Bieber. Jack loves Jill. John hates everyone.

Never Say Bieber

Episode 1.9


Starring David Ian Lee & Virignia Lity

An elderly lady doesn't like much with the theater and the manager doesn't care.

Discount Day

Episode 1.10


Starring Shaun Mitchell & Greg Barone

Garrett shows off his "best of" list for the past year in movies.

Best Of...

Episode 1.11


Episode 1.12

No ID, No Movie

An underage teenager tries to force her way into a Rated-R movie

Starring David Ian Lee & Megan Bennett


Episode 1.13

Break Room

Season One's finale highlights John's despair for working in a building with people he can't stand.

Starring Greg Barone, Alicia Dupuis, Michael Butler & Shaun Mitchell

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