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Seek. Solve. Survive.

The Puzzle Maker's Son

Season One



Episode 1.1

Just Like Him

David is working an event in the city when he spots a strange figure watching him. As David approaches, the Suited Man slips out the back door. David follows to no avail. The Man is gone. David returns to the event where a phone call delivers terrible news. Days later. David finds himself in the house he grew up, coming to terms with the death of his father. He confronts his mother and reveals his suspicions of his fathers death. When he returns home, he finds a strange package in the mail and his apartment has been ransacked.


Two Violets

Episode 1.2

The next morning, David is awoken by one of his employees, Benji. They had a morning full of work planned, but the previous nights events led David to forget. He gets ready, while Benji roams the apartment. Benji, sees the crayons and remarks about a package he received as well. A page marked with a highlighter. Both packages are from Los Angeles. Both were sent five days ago, before his fathers death which only means one thing to David. His father didnt die in a car accident. He discovers a cipher which reveals an address from the highlighted page. 123 Ocean Avenue.


A Message

Episode 1.3

123 Ocean Avenue leads to an Art Gallery where nothing seems out of the ordinary. David makes one last search of a storage room and finds several paintings from one artist. All the paintings are landscapes and contain similar markings. He places the paintings together and discovers a map. The map is for a local park. Following the clues and trail markings, David arrives to the end of his quest and a buried treasure. A briefcase.


Chunks of Wood

Episode 1.4

Back at the apartment, David opens the briefcase to reveal two wooden puzzle pieces. He recognizes them instantly. He explains to Benji that they are two of six pieces to a childs puzzle he had while growing up. David reveals his suspicions about his fathers death. In a parking lot, somewhere, the same Suited Man from the nightclub listens to the conversation happening between David and Benji. He calls an unknown figure with a status update.


It's Done

Episode 1.5

A week ago. Los Angeles. The truth of Davids fathers death is revealed as Garrison Harding seeks shelter in an office from the Suited Man. Garrison makes efforts to send for help, but to no avail. He loses the cat and mouse game. The Suited Man searches the body and finds nothing. He calls the unknown figure again to reveal his failure in locating the packages.


A Riddle

Episode 1.6

David and Benji are fast asleep after spending the night examining the briefcase for clues. The front door opens to reveal the Suited Man who quickly grabs a knife from the kitchen. He carefully navigates past Benji and towards David, until he settles on the briefcase. The next morning, David takes another shot at the briefcase and discovers a torn section, which holds a clue. A riddle that leads to the next two pieces.


Someone Else is Interested

Episode 1.7

After solving the riddle, Benji and David arrive at the local beach. A fishing spot from Davids youth. They search for clues and find a brick marked with Davids initials. Underneath are the enxt two pieces of the puzzle. They soon find the Suited Man exiting their car and making a break for it. He gets away, but not before inciting worry in Benji and concern in David. The apartment is no longer safe. Theres only one place to go.


Edward von Fluffington

Episode 1.8

David pleads with his estranged sister, Cynthia, for shelter. After she reluctantly agrees, Benji recaps their last few days of adventure. Cynthia grabs a package and explains that she received it in the mail the other day. Another highlighted page. David is quick to solve this one, but stumped as to what it means.


The Puzzle Cube

Episode 1.9

Cynthia unlocks the mystery behind the clue from her highlighted page. A deceased hamster which lays buried in the backyard of their childhood home. David is off again and finds the last two pieces of the puzzle. He returns to Cynthias house and puts the pieces together. They lock in to place to reveal a hidden compartment. And the key inside.



Episode 1.10

The key is to a locker, but the location is a mystery. All of the clues or locations are related to David and his family. He ponders about places that have lockers. Vacation spots. Perhaps the last vacation the entire family was together, including their long deceased brother, Peter. The death is still painful for Cynthia and David. It must be the place. David leaves for Lake Quassy Amusement Park. The key works in the locker. David finds a thermos. Sealed. Nothing more. He returns to an empty house. Dark. Silent.  David decides to open the thermos. Quickly he's blinded by a spotlight. Front door opens and Davids world changes forever.

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