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Yet Another Star Wars Podcast: Spaceballs

Spaceballs - Yet Another Star Wars Podcast

Colleen, Anders and Daniel can barely hold it together as they revisit the 1987 classic, gold standard for Star Wars Parody: Spaceballs. We revisit a lot of our funniest lines and scenes throughout this Mel Brooks classic, think about how it works as a parody, and decide if we’d be in for Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.

Then, we end this run of Yet Another Star Wars Podcast with our Star Wars Movie Power Rankings.

Finally, during recommendations, Anders and Colleen are shocked by the revelation of how many amazing movies Daniel hasn’t seen!

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This week’s recommendations:




How to get Star Wars in ASCii-Art on your computer:

How to Watch Star Wars in ASCII on Windows 10 and Mac (

Star Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope (ASCII with partial audio sync) - YouTube

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