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Yet Another Star Wars Podcast: Fanboys

Fanboys - Yet Another Star Wars Podcast

Number: 104BONUS

Title: Fanboys (2009)

Description/Show Notes:

Colleen, Daniel, and Anders take a look at the 2009 comedy, Fanboys. We marvel at the ridiculousness of the plot, cringe at some jokes that have NOT aged well, and take an introspective look at what it means to be a “fan”. Anders has never seen a real life Star Wars vs Star Trek fight and Colleen (lovingly) schools Daniel for calling TNG “The Patrick Stewart one.”

We take a 2021 critical view on this 2007/2009 representation of fandom in 1999, including how women and LGBTQ fans fit into the mix (spoiler: they do, if you don’t like it, too bad. Luke Skywalker would have hated you). Wherever you fall on the SW Fandom spectrum, we enjoy the fact that these stories can bring people together and that fandoms can help you find your place, just like we did.



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