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Welcome The NOMCAST!


With the new launch of Forgotten Entertainment brings a new show, but a familiar face. Andrew Morgan of The Nomcast joins FE and he's looking to take over the Netflix podcasting world. I've known Andrew from all the way back to the mid-90s, when we had visions of making features and shorts films. Look at us now! I fired a few questions Andrew's way to introduce his show and himself. Enjoy!

What’s The NOMCAST?

The NOMCAST is the best Netflix Original Movie Podcast around! Every week, we review the biggest original films on Netflix (like Bird Box, Extraction, & The Irishman) with amazing guests from all forms of entertainment: film professionals, comedians, musicians, film critics, & podcasters. If you have a Netflix subscription and love film podcasts, we are a MUST in your rotation.

Who’s Andrew Morgan?

How existential! I am a film critic, podcaster, & comedian who has worked in the film/tv business for over 15 years. I am also a husband and father to 2 amazing kids.

What’s something that has evolved from your first episode to now that you’re most proud of?

So much to choose from! I would say the depth & quality of the conversations have grown so much, which is a credit to my amazing guests. Because I know the guests will bring their very best, I know I have to be prepared to bring mine and that includes asking the RIGHT questions that will bring the unique perspectives this podcast is becoming known for. The deepest of dives!

What’s the future of The NOMCAST look like?

We want to be THE go-to podcast for anything to do with Netflix Original Movies! To achieve that, we would like to have the same access & budgets as the bigger film podcasts in the business. We have been making strides by working with Netflix on getting releases early and conducting a few interviews with actors on the films, but, in the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW! Haha.

What’s your future look like? Projects? Secret Missions?

Future is a tough word in our current climate, but I guess I would say, I would like to do more written reviews & video projects. Possibly record my own “special” for my comedy act one day. Also, surviving a pandemic seems cool. Lots of goals!

Your best guest on the podcast is always Mike Field. Why?

I ask myself this all the time! Not the first part; Just the “Why?” part. Mike is always a fun and knowledgeable guest and is a perfect person to bounce off, especially about storytelling & the writing process. He was our first guest and will always be #1 in our hearts haha.


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