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The NOMCAST - To All The Boys: Always and Forever Screenwriter Katie Lovejoy (Interview)

Screenwriter KATIE LOVEJOY (To All The Boys: Always and Forever, The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight) joins the podcast to discuss her career, the daunting task of adapting a famous novel AND the end of a popular movie trilogy, her relationship with Jenny Han, & what she wants everyone to take from this film. It's our 100th episode and Katie's first ever podcast interview, so tune in to this very special event!

Listen to the episode HERE

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(3:43) Her career journey as a screenwriter & her opportunity to write a guaranteed produced script

(10:51) Her involvement with P.S. I Love You & how it helped her write the script for Always and Forever

(13:38) Her approach to adapting the novel to screen & being true to the source and the fans

(16:39) Her relationship with Jenny Han & Han's creative input on the adaptation

(20:18) What excited and appealed to her about the books and their characters, plus how she used her personal experience for the script

(24:32) The 90's references in the film, her personal favorites, & the fan influence on bringing the novel to life on screen

(30:17) The fear of letting the fans down, tying up the side characters, & the feeling of saying goodbye

(34:17) What people should take away from this film, the magic of travel & growth, & being true to your future & your partner

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