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The NOMCAST - To All The Boys: Always and Forever Director Michael Fimognari

Director/Cinematographer Michael Fimognari (To All The Boys 2 & 3, "Haunting og Hill House", Doctor Sleep, Gerald's Game) joins the podcast to discuss his latest film TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER, and give us a hilarious story about what REALLY happened to John Ambrose at the end of P.S. I Love You with an end-credit scene that didn't make the cut!

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(3:15) What he finds appealing about the story & these characters

(5:02) The balance of being the director as well as the cinematographer on the To All The Boys films

(8:48) How the look & tone of the films have evolved with the maturation of Lara Jean & Peter

(11:40) His relationship with Lana Condor & Noah Centineo and how it was to say goodbye

(13:37) Jenny Han's help with the film adaptation of her acclaimed YA novels

(16:17) "Always and Forever" becoming an unintentional love letter to pre-pandemic events, travel, & student life

(19:42) The many 90's movie & music references in the new film and which one was his favorite

(21:21) Nods & Look Backs to the previous films found in the sequels

(22:57) The hilarious "Shining" after-credits scene from "P.S. I Love You" that didn't make the cut, but showed what REALLY happened to John Ambrose

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