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The NOMCAST - Netflix Film Golden Globes Reaction + International Crime Thrillers

Host Andrew Morgan (@jokesondrew) is joined by Shane Beauregard (Media Mosh) & Chris Frodel (Arguing With Myself) to recap the Netflix Film Winners & Losers at the 2021 Golden Globes and analyze what these outcomes will mean in the big picture of Awards Season and the Oscars (03:15). They also discuss the popularity of Netflix Original International Crime Thrillers and review 4 of the most popular titles of the genre in the past year: Below Zero, Lost Bullet, The Decline, & Rogue City (23:25).

Listen to the episode HERE

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Below Zero - 28:15

The Decline - 39:40

Lost Bullet - 48:12

Rogue City - 58:57

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