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Reel World: Insurance

Reel World Insurance - Forgotten Entertainment

The insurance industry is an interesting and exciting one, but you wouldn't know that from the way it's portrayed in film and television. More importantly, the universes in movies and tv tend to ignore this aspect of risk management when superheroes are attacking the Earth, the stock market is dropping or crazy weather destroys most of the country.

In this unique series, our resident insurance nerds will interview insurance professionals (underwriters, brokers, agents and claims managers) and ask them how real world policies and services may apply to the events we see in our favorite films.

Reel World takes a tongue-in-cheek look at these moments while also showing listeners that insurance can be fun and accessible for all.


Interested in learning more about Reel World: Insurance? Looking to join forces with Forgotten Entertainment? We're always looking for great people to work with, whether it's as talent on our shows or even behind the scenes.

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