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Off-Air: Amazon Music!

Off Air with Michael Field and Pat Whalen

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Honestly, it’s just another podcast portal I have to link out to in our blog posts now. The good thing about Captivate, our podcast hosting site, is that we can get those analytic numbers on where people are finding our shows the most. I’m interested in seeing where Forgotten Cinema, YAMP and more will do on Amazon Music.


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I think the biggest news here isn’t that Amazon is getting into the podcast game but the exclusivity agreements with new shows. We’re seeing the accelerated time frame of what’s going on in the streaming world, with each platform having more exclusive agreements. You also have the new show from DJ Khaled, another celebrity is entering the space and that brings a built-in audience. How should we be looking at building audiences when we don’t necessarily have that same clout?


We have to be consistent. We have to be vigilant in our content creation and production. As you allude to, we don’t have the luxury of falling back on a “named” talent to attract an audience. Our audience growth will need to be organic, hopefully the hosts are engaging enough to keep people coming back for the next episode.

We have a few things in our favor. Our ability to produce quality content. Podcasts, while you need to put money behind them, are comparatively cheaper to produce over short films, web series and feature films. I know this, because I’ve paid out the nose for those three examples and more. Also, in everything I’ve done I try to be as genuine and transparent as possible. We made it a point with Forgotten Cinema to discuss each movie like we were hanging out in the back office at work. A conversation where everyone can be involved. We didn’t want to talk down to people. We’re just like our audience. We just happen to have mics in front of us. I want that genuineness to carry over with Forgotten Entertainment.

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The other thing, Pat, is that we’re not just looking to make entertainment podcasts or even podcasts in general. We want to be more. While my fear of spreading ourselves too thin is always present, I do think diversifying our content is key to helping build our audience. What do you think?


I do agree. While I really enjoy what we do with Yet Another MCU Podcast and what you do with Forgotten Cinema and the other shows under our banner (Crackin’ One Open, 2 Player Bros., and NOMCast) the podcasts I listen to most are the true-life crime stories and business stories (Business Wars being a personal fave). That’s where I’d love to see us get to. I appreciate that we try to include behind-the-scenes facts or business details when we can but right now we’re primarily two guys talking movies and comic books.

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(Note we will be revealing our pipeline soon so stay tuned)

I also want to follow-up on your note about the costs to podcasting. I think that’s the reason we’re seeing so much capital enter the podcast world. Yes, the money is still dwarfed by that in traditional media (radio and tv) but it’s growing exponentially. That’s because the cost of failure isn’t as high. It’s usually one-to-two people with microphones, a producer, and an editor. It’s about the chemistry and the content. Do a couple practice episodes to see if it’s worth pursuing. You can’t do that with TV, even a Pilot requires millions of dollars and hundreds of cast and crew members.


Totally agree. It’s really odd on how many things we do agree on when we’re talking about this industry. A little...too odd. The final thing I’d like to reiterate is that it’s important to be consistent. It’s important to be constant in content creation. (Apologies for the alliteration - And I did it again) I always think of it like this: 100% have great ideas. 40% will act on that idea. 10% will stick with that idea for a year or so. Only 2% will be consistent over a long period of time. It’s extremely important to be that 2% in whatever creative endeavor one chooses to pursue. Any final thoughts on your end?


Ha! It’s almost like we talk about this or have been doing this for close to ten years together. I’ll just add that in addition to constant creation, have a broader portfolio of content. Make podcast, film a video element, re-use content for your marketing, be a full-service creator.

That’s all I got. Until next week Mike?


See you then!


Michael Field is a filmmaker and storyteller. You can check out his podcasts here at Forgotten Entertainment, but also check out his personal website as well. Pat Whalen is the star of Yet Another MCU Podcast and the behind the scenes straw that stirs the drink at Forgotten Entertainment.

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