• Michael Field

Making a Podcast

Found this article: How To Start a Podcast: Every Single Step for 2020 by Colin Gray. I went through the questions and tried to answer them in regards to Forgotten Cinema. Let's see how I did!

Why are you Doing a Podcast?

A: Because all Butler and I would do at work, other than working (which we try to do as little as possible) is talk about movies. To be honest, I'll talk about movies with anyone,

Mike Field and Mike Butler from Forgotten Cinema

Who is Your Podcast for?

A: Anyone! But mainly people who love movies. But we do try to be relatable to all. Don't we?

Why Should they Listen?

A: Because we're nice? We've received feedback about our chemistry and that comes from having a mutual respect for each other's opinion and enjoying the conversation around the movie,

Naming your Podcast

A: We toyed with Forgotten Flicks and a few other variations, before settling on Forgotten Cinema.

How Long Should an Episode be?

A: We try not to go over an hour too much. I tend to think 35-45 minutes is best, but we average 50-60 minutes. Hopefully, we're interesting enough.

How Often Should I Release an Episode?

A: Weekly! Once a week, every week. Without stop, Now, that's how FC rolls and it's geared towards a weekly schedule. Some podcasts are better bi-weekly, but not FC.

Choosing Good Episode Titles

A: It was easy for us. The movie title. Although in the beginning, we were including the Season and Episode number in the title. (1.13 - Red Rock West), but we changed that early on.

Choosing a Podcast Format

A: We had a format. And we still follow it a bit, We go from synopsis to the facts and then we just go into a free-for-all about the movie. We'll always try to ask why the movie is forgotten, but typically our format is conversational.

Mike Field from Forgotten Cinema and the noise cancelling foam

Recording Equipment

A: We have mics, mic arms, mixer and a laptop. It's all low-end, affordable. We just added some echo-cancelling foam. But eventually, we'll upgrade.

Recording & Editing Software

A: Adobe Audition.. I know a lot of podcasters that use Audacity. (I still have Audacity on my laptop.) But Audition offers so much in the way of options for editing. I know it costs some money, but if you're in the media business for the long haul, it's a must have. I also use the heck out of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Scripting your Show

A: We both take notes. while watching the movie. We jot down our facts and our thoughts, but there's no script. Not for FC. Not that kind of show,

How to Talk into a Mic

A: Due to the fact that our mics are on the low-end, we eat those mics. We eat them hard. By that, I mean, we talk close to the mics. Higher-End mics, we know adjustments will need to be made.

Recording Remote Guests or Co-Hosts

A: We've had a few guests. And they've been in-person (pre-Covid) We usually have our guests join us at our day job, because there's more space to record. Eventually...we'd like to get our own space. While we've guested on other podcasts through virtual means, we've yet to adopt that for FC. Maybe soon.

Editing your Podcast

A: Butler is on that. And he does a fine job. Perhaps a little close to release date for my tastes, but always on time.

Music for your Podcast

A: Kevin MacLeod. Check his site out. Pay the money. It's worth it.

Creating Podcast Coverart

A: That's me, baby! We're so happy about our neon redesign. It's a bit much on the self-congratulatory scale, but we don't care.

Forgotten Cinema Podcast Album Art

Choosing Your Podcast Hosting

A: We started off on Buzzsprout, but we loved what Captivate had to offer. So we switched and we haven't had any complaints.

Submitting to Directories

A: Forgotten Cinema is everywhere! And always looking for more places.

Where to Publish your Show Notes

A: Well, that's what our blog is for. We recently made a switch in websites, so our old blog content is no longer out there. Hopefully we can bring over some of our older content.

Next Steps After you Launch

A: Keep going. Don't stop creating content. It's important to know that while Forgotten Cinema is a podcast, the IP of Forgotten Cinema is much more. We're always looking to expand the brand where ever it takes us.


Wow, that last answer had a lot of industry buzzwords. I'm pretty impressed with myself, but in all honesty, I'm not. One thing that Butler and myself attempt to project when representing the Forgotten Cinema name is some humility.

Movies are a subjective art form and our opinions are just that. Opinions. We're not wrong or right, we just are. And so is anyone! We love talking movies. We love having the conversations.

Thanks for reading. Check out the show, if you'd like. Read the original article. It has some great helpful tips if you're thinking of launching a podcast.