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How to Build a Treehouse

Michael Butler building a treehouse - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Let me be honest. I have no idea. My son has asked me a few times to do it and I've deftly avoided the topic with several techniques - Pretending I didn't hear him, claiming the town wouldn't let us and pretty much laming his mom for not wanting it out of his own safety. It's all far.

But the kids in the movie, the War (The most recent episode of Forgotten Cinema -> Find it here!) had no problem getting their treehouse in working order. So I thought it would be a good idea to offer some options:

Here's How To build a Treehouse in 10 Easy Steps. brings you this listicle, equipped with videos to help you along your treehouse building journey. A few favorites of mine are #3 Gather Materials You Need and there's big picture of wood. I never knew! And #9 Add a Ladder which makes sense seeing that you'd like to actually get inside the treehouse once built.

How To Build a Treehouse

Here's another listicle, this time from The Home Depot. Now, this list is assuming you have some kind of carpentry knowledge or experience with building things. Like with #2: Crete a Blueprint. Go ahead. Make a blueprint! We'll wait. Also, there's 18 steps! Granted the 18th is to enjoy the treehouse, but if I followed these steps, I'm sure I would be enjoying squat.

Adult Tiny Treehouses

Let's get serious here. Treehouses are really meant for adults to enjoy. Am I right? So check out and this awesome list of 7 adult treehouses that I now want built in my backyard. Someone come do this.

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