• Michael Field


I can't pinpoint my first time experiencing Godzilla. I have a vague memory of visiting my grandparents when I was an impressionable tween, before they were called tweens. A typical weekend day at my grandparents usually had me in front of the television watching the old Toho Studios Godzilla movies on WPIX-11 in the TriState area.

Godzilla - Toho Studios - Forgotten Cinema presents MovieNight

And as a young kid, all I cared about was Godzilla and him fighting the monster of the movie. Whether it was Mechagodzilla, Rodan and of course, Ghidorah. I admit...I was scared of Hedorah. (The Smog-Monster) But you know, I was just a kid!

When I heard about 1998's Godzilla, I was excited to see an updated Godzilla movie minus the guy in a suit. (But guy-in-suit still holds a special place in my heart). I wasn't the greatest fan of 1996's Independence Day, which Roland Emmerich directed previously, but I did like 1994's Stargate - also directed by Emmerich.

Godzilla (1998) - Forgotten Cinema presents MovieNight

The thing about Godzilla movies is that I already don't have nor want a connection with any of the people involved in the movie. All I want to see is Godzilla fight a monster. It's definitely a narrow way to watch the movie...but then again, I don't care.

When I left the movie theater in 1998, I was slightly disappointed because the one piece of the movie you can't get wrong - Godzilla, I thought the filmmakers failed my giant reptilian monster friend. This upcoming movie night will be interesting, because I haven't watched the movie straight through for quite some time. I've caught pieces here and there and when the cringe-inducing moments appear, I change the channel.

This upcoming movie night, I won't be able to do that. Let's see how that plays out.


Join Forgotten Cinema as they present Movie Night, featuring the 1998 movie, Godzilla. Directed by Roland Emmerich. Screenplay by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, Starring Godzilla, Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria and Kevin Dunn.

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Live Stream starts at 8pm EST. Movie starts at 8:30pm EST, if you want to sync your movie watch along with Forgotten Cinema, Hope to see you there!