• Elyse Riekert

Forty Eight: Comes and Gose Sour Cider

You like apples? Well how 'bout these apples!!!! I got her number!....I mean...cider!

This week we're crackin' open something a little different for ya ... "Comes & Gose" sour cider comes to us from Graft Cidery, located in Newburgh, NY.

Our beerfessor (copyright pending) Elyse will go over how you even make sweet innocent apple juice into something more unpure and adult. We'll then learn how Graft goes in and cranks that flavor profile up to 11! Crossing the sacred line between beer and cider. Will Mike enjoy this unholy crossbreed? Or will he spit the contents of this wrong apple juice into the microphone? What could go wrong? ... or right? Right?! Cheers!!

Check out this episode wherever you get your podcasts, or right below!

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