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Forgotten Summer: Croupier

Croupier - Clive Owen - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Is it getting hot out there, or is it just us?...oh, it is hot out there?...soooo its not us then....ok well then uhhhh....good.

The Mikes are heating things up with a brand new season. A themed season! For the next 13 episodes, welcome to Forgotten Summer!

Our first Summer dive is Croupier starring Clive Owen as a card dealing, book writing, sociopath who is trying to find the inspiration for his big hit novel. Sure, this film was released in April and released wider in the Summer so it's kind of a cheat, but don't tell Mike Field that! (Field: You picked Kull the Conqueror this season, Butler. Your opinion is invalid.)

Join Mike Butler and Mike Field as they discuss characters in film noir. How unlikeable can you make your protagonist until the film looses anything for an audience to latch on to? They'll also discuss how this film helped to launch Clive Owen's career. Mostly Butler will discuss why he does not believe that this film is as deserving of it's praise and Field strongly disagrees. (because he's right)

So grab your sandals and sunscreen, please notice the swim up bar to the left and right of you, and settle down for Forgotten Summer.

Listen below. You can also find Forgotten Cinema here:

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