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Forgotten Spotlight: Road Thrillers

Forgotten Cinema Podcast - Road Thrillers

The Mikes are trying something new!

Welcome to the first ever Forgotten Spotlight!

In this series, Mike Field and Mike Butler will be taking a look at certain aspects of a film as they may relate to the episode of the week. From actors, filmmakers, genres, settings, time periods, and more. Think of it as one of their tangents, just slightly longer.

In this episode the Mikes are talking about the "road thriller" genre. As their movie Breakdown is no doubt one of them, Butler and Field discuss that makes a film a road thriller; what films inspired or elevated the genre, and how even within this sub genre of film there are many sub sub genres within the road thriller itself. Listen in as they give examples such as Duel, Joy Ride, The Hitcher, Mad Max, Changing Lanes, and many more!

So grab your concessions, find your seat and get read for Forgotten Cinema: Spotlight!

Listen below. You can also find Forgotten Cinema here:

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