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Forgotten Cinema: The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Honor, duty, awesome swords, and historical Tom Cruise.

It's The Last Samurai directed by Edward Zwick, starring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe on this episode of Forgotten Cinema.

Listen as Mike Field and Mike Butler talk about the controversy surrounding this film, from the casting of Tom Cruise to the glorifying of the Samurai during this time in history.. They talk about how great Ken Watanabe is in his first American film. They break down the battle scenes and how they were filmed. The Mikes also discuss the excellent score and dialogue in the film and how historical films are meant to tell a compelling story and not become a documentary.

So grab your popcorn and soda, please notice the exits at the front and rear of the auditorium, and settle down for Forgotten Cinema.

Listen below. You can also find Forgotten Cinema here:

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