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Forgotten Cinema: The Baxter

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The Baxter - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Have you been left at the alter? Went to ask a girl to the prom only to have another guy step in first? Try to propose to your significant other only to have their ex sky write their name in the sky? Well then, you might be a Baxter. Much like Michael Showalter in this week's episode; 2005's The Baxter!

This film has the Mikes divided. While they both seem to like and dislike the same things about the film, Mike Field believes that the likes outweigh the dislikes. Mike Butler? Not so much.

Listen as they discuss the comedy stylings of the film, which is half Howard Hawkes and half the absurdist style from members of the comedy troupe, The State. Showalter writes, directs and stars in this film, but it seems like his co-stars get some of the funniest bits; especially Justin Theroux and Peter Dinklage. Michelle Williams also knocks it out of the park in the role of Cecil, absolutely harkening back to the romantic costars of celluloid past.

So grab your mojito and watermelon, please notice the no jumping/no diving signs to the left and right of you, and settle down for Forgotten Summer.

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