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Forgotten Cinema: Our Story: Part Deux

Below is what we wrote for our very first blog post when we started Forgotten Cinema over a year ago. Moving to a new website and introducing the Forgotten Entertainment brand seemed like a good time to dust it off and repurpose (buzz word!) some content.

The story of Forgotten Cinema's roots is a familiar for anyone who love movies. You could be sitting at home with your family. You could be at work in the office with your colleagues. Or you're out with friends at a local bar. Whatever the occasion, the conversation will turn to movies you remember loving, either from your childhood or just last year. There are movies that, for whatever the reason, do not get talked about as much as any Indiana Jones movie or Star Wars. These are the movies Forgotten Cinema is fighting to recognize. But stop reading this, grab some popcorn and hear what we have to say:

Check out our Captivate page for our back catalog! And check out the other shows!

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