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Forgotten Cinema: Oliver & Company

Oliver & Company - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Why should we worry! Why should we ca-a-a-re....that the Mikes are watching a film about a good-hearted team of singing and thieving street dogs and their precocious kitten pal. Maybe because one of those dogs is New York City legend Billy Joel?!?!

Mike Butler and Mike Field are talking 1988's Oliver and Company on this episode of Forgotten Cinema! Join the Mikes as they discuss how, even for an animated Disney film, Oliver and Company is skews decidedly younger than most. They'll talk about how this film was almost the sequel to Disney's The Rescuers before they ever went down under. They'll also talk about the film's connection to the original story of Oliver Twist and how the film doesn't really have a main antagonist.

So grab your popcorn and soda, please notice the exits at the front and rear of the auditorium, and settle down for Forgotten Cinema.

Listen below. You can also find Forgotten Cinema here:

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