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Forgotten Cinema: Last Action Hero

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Last Action Hero - Arnold Schwarzeneggar - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Arnold Schwarzenegger was meta before meta was cool. Back when meta created a super expensive box office bomb, that caused director John McTiernan to take a break from film for a while. That's right! The Mikes are talking about 1993's criminally underrated action/comedy, Last Action Hero! It doesn't get more Summer than that!

Listen in as Mike Butler and Mike Field discuss the concepts, plot, dialogue and comedy in this film and how the self depreciation, meta, love letter of it all would win over and delight nearly every sort of fan today, but how, in the early 90's fans weren't prepared for it. At least not at the level at which this film throws it at you.

The Mikes also discuss Charles Dance's villainous Benedict, some of the plot points or moments that didn't work. They'll point out some fantastic cameos or movie references, look at how you might be able to do a film like this today, and of course...Butler will quote Arnold lines in a very bad Arnold impression.

So grab your hot dog and hamburger from the grill, please notice the kids running around with super soakers to the left and right of you, and settle down for Forgotten Summer.

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