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Forgotten Cinema: Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie - Forgotten Cinema Podcast

It's time to get a little season, because its Field's daughter's birthday and she's making the Mikes watch Tim Burton's Frankenweenie! Starring Martin Short, Catherine O'Hara, Winona Ryder, Martin Landau and Charlie Tahan.

After Field is done berating Butler for crying over the many deaths and resurrections of a claymation dog, the Mikes discuss how Tim Burton and his team made the film; from the 2 minutes worth of film they shot a week (2 seconds a day) to the amount of detail in the characters and the thousands of props that had to be built.

Butler and Field also go into the use of black and white in this film and how the filmmakers had to figure out how to correctly represent certain colors when shooting in black and white. Finally they'll argue about why this film is forgotten and who this film is for? Is it fun or funny enough to be a kid's film? Is it a kind of family-friendly scary or just glum and depressing?

So grab your recently deceased creature, place them near a lighting rod, and be prepared for Forgotten Cinema!

Listen below. You can also find Forgotten Cinema here:

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