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Field Suggestions

In honor of our latest Forgotten Summer episode, Open Range, I thought I'd give a few suggestions if you've been looking for a good western, but so much one of those John Wayne ones. A bit more updated, perhaps. (Although, I do recommend you check out Wayne in True Grit, The Sons of Katie Elder, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Jimmy Stewart is in that, The get the idea.)

News of the World

The pandemic may have caused you to miss this, as well as it hiding out on Apple Plus, but it is available to rent on most VOD service sites. (Like...say...ROW8) Tom Hanks delivers, per the norm, but he's equally matched by his co-star, Helena Zengal. I should say that I'm a big time Paul Greengrass fan. His direction is always top-notch, so perhaps I'm a bit biased here.'s good. Watch it!

Check out the trailer:

Oh look, there's this new show that talks all about it. If you want to rent it, well it on ROW8.

The Sisters Brothers

Joaquin Phoenix. (I know, he does other movies besides Joker. It's amazing,) and John C. Reilly play brothers who happen upon a chance to get rich if they don't get in their own way while achieving that dream of gold. There are so many moments in this movie that stand out - The shootout at night, the constant bickering between the brothers and that spider! Oh....gross!

Wind River

I know, I know. Not a western....but then kind of is a western story set in modern-day and in a different setting. Jeremy Renner plays a wildlife officer who finds the body of a young girl, who happens to have been friends with his recently deceased daughter. He's asked to find her killer and does he ever. (with help from Elizabeth Olsen) Writer and now, director - Taylor Sheridan delivers a movie that is just so, so good. Hell or High Water, another movie written by Sheridan (directed by David Mackenzie) is a wonderful film, but Wind River is just as good...if not better, And it has one of the best shootouts in recent memory.

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