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Ep 74 - Death's Door

"You can fly, you can fight, you can...crow"

The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

Dave and Mike are talking the fantastic Xbox/PC game, Death's Door, on this week's episode. From its Zelda meets Dark Souls gameplay, to it's cute but dark style and art direction. This game has everything going for it. A Grim Reaper crow must find and vanquish 3 major souls to unlock "Death's Door" filled with awesome characters, funny moments and dialogue, a terrific soundtrack, and a perfect length. Death's Door is something the Bros highly recommend.

The Bros also talk about the Steam Deck. What it is, what it costs and if it's worth it. They then talk about it's direct competition, the Nintendo Switch and it's new OLED edition; mostly about how pointless and disappointing it is for those who were waiting for the Switch Pro.

Dave then finishes it up by talking about the new MOBA Pokémon Unite. Dave is a big fan of this game, where you play as your favorite Pokémon in this free-to-play, stripped down, and fun MOBA.

Enjoy the episode and keep on Gaming!!!

Listen to the episode here!

And visit for more great retro tunes!

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