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Ep 66 - Fortnite Batman

Holy Awesome Costume Batman

The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

Mike and Dave talk about Zero Point Batman's arrival in Fortnite following his crossover comic series. Mike really digs the new outfit.

After that the Bros talk about their final thoughts leading up to the release of Biomutant. The "May the Furrth" trailer may have scared off Dave with it's last gen graphics and vehicles, but Mike remains all in on some karate fighting, toilet brush wielding rodent gameplay!

Mike and Dave also talk about Nintendo's new game building program for kids that will teach kids (and adults) how to program their own games.

The Bros also talk Apple v Epic and Activision's new business model of "make everything like Call of Duty."

Enjoy the episode and keep on Gaming!!!

Listen to the episode here!

And visit for more great retro tunes!

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