• Mike Butler

Ep 61 - The Death of Mario

Oh A-No!

The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

My friends, we have gathered here today to say goodbye to our beloved friend, Mario Mario as it he is laid to rest on March 31st...or so the internet is saying. Mike and Dave are discussing the removal of many things Mario by Nintendo on that day as his anniversary comes to a close. Mario Game & Watch, Mario 35, and Super Mario 3D All Stars, will all be removed from both physical stores and digitally on March 31st. Mario 35 will actually no longer be playable from that date forward. Why? 'Cause Doug Bowser says so!

The Bros will also be talking about their brief time playing Marvel's Avengers in Next-Gen. The look of the game, the speed of loading, the cool haptics on the PS5, and how Dave's Series X version was a seamless update, while Mike had a very annoying time on transferring his PS4 save file off that version of the game so that he could put it on the PS5 version of the game.

Dave and Mike also discuss Outriders coming to GamePass, Ubisoft Connect possibly being part of GamePass, Microsoft possibly buying Discord and more!

Enjoy the episode and keep on Gaming!!!

Listen to the episode here!

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