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Ep 57 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Mike takes a look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales in this "Post Game" presented by Two Player Bros!!!

Mike dives into the first "must buy" game for the PlayStation 5. Miles Morales might not represent the height of what next-gen means, but it is still an amazing (pardon the pun) game in terms of gameplay and story, and it is definitely one of the best looking games out there today.

Mike talks about how this game is more than just Marvel's Spider-Man with a new character and fresh coat of paint. Miles Morales has enough content to be it's own full priced game. While a tiny bit shorter than the original, the game has no shortage of side content, random crimes, and collectables to keep you going. Miles' Spider-Man is fairly different from Peter Parker's as well with his Venom powers and shortage of gadgets. If that's not enough to hook you the awesome story will.

So listen to the episode and keep on gaming!

Listen to the episode here!

And visit for more great retro chiptunes!

Spider-Man Miles Morales is available on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5

Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition which includes Spider-Man Remastered is available on PlayStation 5

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