• Mike Butler

Ep 56 - Nintendo Direct 2021

It's-a-me! Some Nintendo games!!!

The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

Mike and Dave are talking about the 2021 Nintendo Direct. The first mainline "Direct" show that Nintendo has done in about 2 years.

The Bros talk The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword rerelease on Switch as Fall Guys coming to Switch. They discuss the awesome looking new Mario Golf: Super Rush, as well as their thoughts on the new Super Smash Bros DLC characters, Star Wars: Hunters, and more!

Mike and Dave also discuss how PlayStation developed MLB: The Show 21 is also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X this year and how and why a company like PlayStation, who has consistently been unwilling to play ball (pun intended) with other console companies, is suddenly putting one of their biggest titles on another system.

Enjoy the episode and keep on Gaming!!!

Listen to the episode here!

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