• Mike Butler

Ep 55 - Mike's Solo Adventure

The Lonliest Host

The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

Mike is forever alone as he brings you the latest episode.

First Mike gives a quick review of Spider-Man: Remastered for PlayStation 5. From the added ray tracing effects and city life, to the incredible draw distance and lighting fast load times, there has never been a better time to relive Peter's first fight against the Sinister Six. All this to prepare for a more in depth review of Spider-Man: Miles Morales down the line.

Mike also talks about some exciting casting news for the Last of Us HBO show coming soon, the leak of a finished Goldeneye: 007 remaster that never saw the light of day...until now, a new character creation tool for game designers, and Mike's impressions of the Resident Evil: Maiden demo.

Enjoy the episode and keep on Gaming!!!

Listen to the episode here!

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