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Ep 46 - The Name's Man...Hitman

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

In the Darkness there is Hope.....

It's another solo Mike outing on this episode of Two Player Bros!

In this episode Mike brings you an update on his search for the elusive next-gen consoles. He may have found the gateway to getting one; a way that uses the scalpers own methods against them...

Mike also talks about the latest games he's been playing...

The complete Hitman 2 was on sale during Black Friday and Mike picked that up; both because he is a fan of the series as well as the fact that the developers, ioi Interactive, are making the next 007 game. He'll talk about what he enjoys about the game and what needs work if they plan to transfer the same type of gameplay into a James Bond adventure.

Then Mike steps into the new indie asymmetrical horror game, In Silence, in early access on the PC. He discusses how the monster in both design and gameplay is cool, but how the lack of variety and progression for both monster and survivors (as well as some big bugs) holds this fun and frightening game back a bit.

So, enjoy the episode and keep on gaming!!!

Listen to the episode here!

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Hitman 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

In Silence is available in Early Access on Steam

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