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Ep 44 - Phasmophobia

Let's Get Spooky!!!

The original Player Two returns! Alex and Mike Butler team up to hunt down some ghosts in the massive PC/VR indie-horror co-op game; Phasmophobia, on this episode of "Post Game" presented by Two Player Bros!

The OG Bros talk about how this Early Access Horror hit was made by one developer on using Unity Engine and assets. This single person is taking suggestions from the fans and is constantly bug fixing and stabilizing their game while also consistently adding new features.

They'll also discuss how the game effectively creates fear and dread despite the fact that it is meant to be played with teams of 4. The use of sound, imagery, speed, and setting create the perfect environment for scares. Phasmophobia makes fear a fun group experience.

Mike and Alex then discuss their most memorable moments playing the game as well as the parts of the game that need work and new features that they'd like to see...while running in fear.

Listen to the episode here!

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Phasmophobia is available in early access on Steam.

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