• Mike Butler



The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

Mike and Dave start with a post "Post Game" on Marvel's Avengers.

Then the Bros talk a little on new games coming out that they are excited for before diving into the meat and potatoes of the episode...


Mike and Dave discuss the PS5 preorder fiasco as well as how gaming systems are setup to sell out or start controversy during their pre-order time because it keeps the hype-train moving. Can a Series X or PS5 be found on release day?

Finally the Bros get to the big one; Microsoft has bought ZeniMAx studios, parent company of Bethesda, Id Software and many more! Mike and Dave talk about how this completely changes people's views on the Xbox vs PlayStation side of things, but also shows how Microsoft is preparing to take on it's true competitors; Google Stadia and the newly announced Amazon Luna. Between the ZeniMax purchase and EA Play coming to Gamepass, Mike and Dave imagine where Microsoft's subscription service will go in the future and if Sony can catch up.

So hit the play button, listen, and keep on Gaming!!!

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