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Ep 26 - The Last of Us: Part II

Fight the Infected and thirst for revenge in the latest Post Game!

Get ready for more murder and mushrooms as Mike and Dave dive into one of the most anticipated games of the year, The Last of Us Part 2, on this "Post Game" presented by Two Player Bros!!!

The Bros take a look at some of the improvements to gameplay, from going prone, increased stealth, melee combat, and environmental gameplay elements. Mike and Dave also believe Naughty Dog's new game has some of the best graphics and animations in this generation. The Bros do have some issues with pacing, an odd open world beginning, shooting and the upgrade system.

Then Mike and Dave do a serious deep dive into the continuing story of Ellie as she sets out on a tale of revenge. The Bros go deep into each character and story thread and continue to their conversation from Episode 20 about the relationship between Ellie and Joel.

So hit the play button, listen and remember to keep on gaming!

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The Last of Us: Part II is available now on Playstation 4.

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