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Ep 60 - Surviving Mars

This is YOUR Red Planet

Mike takes a look at Surviving Mars in this "Post Game" presented by Two Player Bros!!!

Mike has been watching a lot of The Expanse on Amazon Prime and so he's been looking for a game to fill that realistic sci-fi itch. Enter Surviving Mars.

Mike has tried and failed to play this game for years, but with his newfound interest, being the game of the month on Epic Games' store and on Xbox GamePass for PC and Xbox, he thought it was the perfect time to discuss this easy to pick up and play, but very hard to master Mars colonization simulator!

Mike talks about the style of the game, from the visual design to the the soundtrack. He also talks about the the realism that the game presents you with as well as the numerous updates that Paradox Interactive and their partners have been implementing throughout the years.

Listen to the episode here!

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