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Yet Another MCU Podcast - Top 50 Marvel Podcasts

Even though Pat and myself wrapped up Yet Another MCU Podcast after covering the Infinity Saga (Phases 1-3 and some bonus eps), the podcast continues to attract more viewers and, dare we say, fans. Recently, we were ranked on a list over at Feedspot, as one of 50 Top Marvel podcasts people should check out.

Don't worry, we're not quitting our day jobs, although technically I did a while back, but for much different reasons. No, we just thought it was pretty cool to be listed with some of the other shows on the list. It's quite the company that we're keeping and there have been rumblings between Pat and myself that perhaps, we could return in some form. We shall see.

Anyway, thanks random blogger! Also, where should be pick up our #32 place trophy?

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