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On the QT explores the filmography of acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino in a movie-by-movie review. 

featuring John Amenta & Lloyd Green

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The Fans

John Amenta

John has always loved all things pop culture and has always loved talking about it. In 2015 he joined his first podcast From The Hip, and when that ended he created his own, Pint O' Comics.

Whether it be movies, comics, games or anything geeky, John has dedicated himself to talking it up over the interwebs. He's probably talking about something nerdy right now.

Lloyd Green

Lloyd (The Manster) Green is a product of the 1980's, having spent the entire decade in high school and college. As a young man he enjoyed the Atari 2600, Stephen King novels, watching horror movies and listening to everything from the Cure to Led Zeppelin.


Now he tries to balance life as a husband, father of three and aerospace manufacturing "professional" with his love for reading comics, watching movies, creating art for, and co-hosting the PINT O' COMICS podcast.

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