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A podcast about forgotten films that deserve a second chance

featuring Michael Field & Michael Butler

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The Team

Michael Field



I’m a storyteller.

My very first story was about a detective trying to solve the murder of his best friend. It was also my high school girlfriend’s homework assignment. She got an “A” and then dumped me. I knew even then writers get no respect, but I didn’t care. I fell in love with writing.

I've been creating content for over twenty years, handling all phases of production and including promotion and marketing. I've made web series, short films, feature films, commercials and industrials.


I've written two books, so far, which chronicle the mis-adventures of amateur sleuth Adam Parker, a former kid detective who's all grown up and has no idea how to be an adult.


And now, I get to talk movies as part of the dynamic duo that is Forgotten Cinema.

Michael Butler

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Long before he went to college for acting and film, Michael Butler always knew he wanted to be involved in films.  Even in elementary school Mike was making storyboards or scripts based on his favorite movies.  He’d always try to get his friends to help him with his next big movie idea. 


After college Mike decided to become a manager at the theater he worked at to pay the bills: the same theater where he worked with Mike Field.  After years of working on shorts and web series and talking about films all day every day, the Mike’s decided to start a podcast where they talk movies. 


In addition to podcasting, Mike continues to act as well as recording audiobook for Audible.