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featuring Michael Butler & Elyse Riekert

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The Brewmasters

Elyse Riekert

Michael Butler

Elyse may have started out favoring “girly” cocktails after turning 21, but it didn’t take long for her to learn how much more the world of craft beer has to offer. As years went by, more local breweries starting popping up so that she and Mike could explore many more different types of beer and what makes them each delicious and unique — it’s not fair to play favorites, after all!


Elyse loves researching the science and history that goes into making every week’s new craft beer special, and sharing a new tasting experience with Mike as they navigate the world of craft beer together.


Elyse has a degree in Communications as well as a certification in Broadcasting, both of which contribute to her roles as co-host and editor at Forgotten Entertainment. 

Mike is always looking for the next great beer; to have at the bar or put in his fridge.  Ales, Pale Ales, IPAs, Sessions, Stouts, Ryes, Tripels, Sours, Gose, he loves it all.  In 2012, Two Roads Brewery opened up just minutes away from him and truly began Mike’s interest in how craft beer is made and the science and art that goes into making amazing beers as well as how different they all are..


Since then Mike has gone out of his way wherever he is to have as many different beers from as many different breweries as he can.  Crackin’ One Open is the perfect way for Mike to explore and learn about how great craft beer is made.


With his degrees in acting and film, his work as an actor, and co-hosting a movie podcast, Mike gives a unique look at the recent Pop Culture news and reviews portion of the podcast as well.

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