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The Gamers

Michael Butler

Player One

Mike Butler has been playing video games since before he can remember.  He started with a classic NES and his parents’ Atari 2600 followed soon after by SEGA Genesis.  His love of Mario and Sonic continued on with the systems that followed and all of the classics that came after them.


Mike has always loved how games can provide an escape into any world you can imagine and to be anyone or anything you wanted to be.  Being a storyteller and actor, as he got older and games matured with him, Mike truly loved games that tell fantastic, exciting, moving stories. Mike made sure to own all modern systems so that he doesn’t miss out on the next new classic game.


Some of his favorites are the Mass Effect Trilogy, The Last of Us, Mario 64, Riddick, Knights of the Old Republic, and Ocarina of Time.

Dave Cannon has been playing video games since Mario wore red and brown and kept getting told his “princess was in another castle.”  Since that time he’s save that princess multiple times, saved another princess from an evil wizard/giant evil pig-man, used his hedgehog speed to topple a mad scientist with a killer mustache, used Mass Effect relays to put together a team to save the galaxy, along with countless other adventures.  A fan of the destination games can take you and the way games can connect you to friends and share amazing experiences together.


He constantly follows the latest in gaming news, plays on all the latest systems and understands exactly what makes a game great and what makes some games not so great.  Some of his favorite games are the Mass Effect Trilogy, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario 3D Land, Diablo 2, Fortnite, and the now defunct Star Wars Galaxies pre update (RIP).

David Cannon

Player Two

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